MountainMadness Family Jam 2018

The Mountain Madness Family Jam: the start of a new tradition! Thanks to the tremendous success of the previous edition, we organised a 2018 follow-up.

While the Alps nearly drowned in the snow. Winterberg recieved it’s fair share of rain. With temperatures just above the snow level; it was close but no cigar. But that’s the risk you take when you plan a winter trip to the Sauerland.

We can be brief; Families: four (kinda). Snow: not so much. Skiing: none. Walks: daily. Rain: in abundance. Mud: overload. Beers: Belgian. Vibe: Relaxed. Games: a lot. State of group after three days: muddy/soggy/happy.

As plans were already made for the Family Jam 2019; I think this event is a keeper!

PS: If you have any more pictures, let me know!

2 Replies to “MountainMadness Family Jam 2018”

  1. Yeah! Ik zet m nu wél in de agenda..

    Lekker dat bier.
    (Ik geef nog eens een verjaardagscadeautje..)

    1. Ja! Geef vooral nog meer van dit soort cadeaus! Ze doen het prima! 🙂
      Volgend jaar er gewoon weer bij?

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