Mountainbiking Ubaye ’18

Happiness is only real when shared..

So what’s better than going mountainbiking in the Vallee de l’Ubaye? Going with a friend! Especially when you friend is crazy about playing on a bike, has a good sense of humor and not easily scared..

Throw a very relaxed B&B, good food, decent weather, super-technical singletracks and lots of GoPro stuff in the mix and all you need is to check out the movies Teon made!

Go big or go home! So after a 12 hours ride on the autoroute we decide to park the car at La Tréou and hit the route forestière until we reach the chemin horizontal at 2300m. Finding the route and avoiding the cows are the biggest features in the uphill, the “horizontal” part and following downhill are just awesome. Too bad we get lost in the lower part and end up walking. But the beers make up for it…

Bonnet Vert is one of the nicest trails I know in the region, so we hit it twice. Switchbacks galore! The pizza that evening is another highlight (and the genepy).

Before we hit the autoroute again, we do a short local loop. Not marked as an official mountainbike route, it is the best kept secret of the valley. Locals have spiced a ridge line with nice trails and some jumps.

There is so much more to do and explore.. so we will be back next year!